Rock the Casbah

After the death of a rich entrepreneur, his three very different daughters spend in memory of him three days together.

El Zoga 18

In this comedy series, a young businessman (Hassan El Raddad) is constantly getting into trouble due to his large number of wives.

Hadoota Mora

The story of Mora (Ghada Abdel Razek) and a tragic family crisis that threatens her future.

Princess Pessa

Pessa, who lives with her grandmother Sekseka (both played by Mai Ezz El Din) works in the local wedding industry. She inherits a school from an uncle, and pursues her dream of opening her own wedding venue named "Princess Pessa".


A look into illegal immigration but from the point of view of those who were left behind, through the eyes of a couple who have had no news of their son since he left for Italy nine months ago.

Awel Hob

Mohamed doesn't care about his life, his father turns to a psychiatrist to help him, but the doctor is a quack. Mohammed meets the girl of his dreams, Dina, while his cousin, Wafa , also loves him. The fake doctor takes advantage of Mohammed's improved condition and claims to be the cause of his recovery.

Ashat Maretein

A woman struggles through psychological issues brought by her suspicion that her husband Youssef was involved in her sister's death.

Tunis AL Lail

Youssef is on his way to retirement after more than two decades of work. His wife is trying to find refuge after a mastectomy, their daughter is living completely separate from her family's atmosphere and values, the younger brother tries to bring his family back together. But suddenly, Youssef is violently suspended and banned from broadcasting his latest episode of (Tunis by night).

Ela Akher El Zaman

An elderly gravedigger meets 60-year-old widow Johar, who is visiting her sister's grave for the first time after the death of her husband. Johar wants her final resting place to be next to her sister, so she decides to organize her own funeral and asks Ali to help her.

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